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Let’s talk about compassion!




  1. sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others."the victims should be treated with compassion"

I don’t agree with this explanation, what about self compassion.

I don’t pity myself, I feel pity is a loaded word with connotations of shame.

I do on the hand feel empathy and sadness for myself and the years of suffering and blame I put upon myself as a child and young adult.

The deeply ingrained patterns of relating and validation of external introjects of my worth, from my contemporaries and would be caregivers , that whole heartedly influenced my view and inner ignominy of the little sad girl I was, and the inner child I am.

I’m not going to do that anymore, I will be proud and grateful for my vulnerability and candour.

I owe that to that little girl to stand up for her and grant her the respect and compassion I deserve.

I also have nothing to prove, I don’t have to be brave, I don’t need to fight anymore.

There are no prizes for proving to complete strangers that I’m not that sad, traumatised desperate scared little girl.

The truth is I am her, and that’s a part of me, her wonderful vulnerability.

The little moments of safety she felt when all she knew was hostility and adrenaline from constantly monitoring her surroundings were so pure.

I am that purity and solace.

I think of her now with such absolute admiration.

I forgive myself, I’m allowed to cry and say my feelings come first.

I visualise scoping her up and telling her she is safe.

I give her, I give me the ultimate compassion of acknowledgement.

It happened, it wasn’t fair and I deserved more.

That’s how I describe compassion .

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